SHIFT - Trash Talk Documentary
What happens to our garbage after we throw it away? Over 300 millions tonnes of solid waste is produced in North America every year--a number so big, it's virtually meaningless. 

In this documentary, we measure our waste footprint by storing our trash, recycling, and composting for 30 days. We visit the Vancouver Landfill in Delta after the city-wide organics ban is implemented to see where all our food waste has been going. We then meet three local innovators (Enterra Feed Co, Harvest Power, Northwest Waste Solutions) who are changing the way the world thinks about solid waste.


Produced with support from TELUS. Currently available on TELUS Optik TV and YouTube.

An original series by Nootka St.

Director/Producer/Writer/Editor: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor
DOP: Bjorn Hermannes
Camera: Bjorn Hermannes, Sean Cox, Sean Avery
Colour: Scott McKenzie
Original Music: Jeff Cancade
Post-Production Sound: Miguel Araujo
Creative Consultant: Shannon Horlor
Featuring: John McCabe, Mark O'Hara, Louise Roxby, Scott Kerr, Brad Marchant
Hosts: Steve Adams, Sean Horlor