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Sean grew up exploring the ravines and backwoods of southern Vancouver Island. His parents gave him a journal and disposable camera at a young age to document a trip through the Canadian Rockies and he hasn't stopped telling stories since. He studied fine arts at the University of Victoria and went on to publish Made Beautiful By Use, then freelanced for The Globe and Mail and other media outlets. His adventures on all sides of the camera, including as the creator and host of Don't Quit Your Gay Job, have helped shape his voice as a documentary filmmaker. 



Born and raised in a remote part of Northern BC, Steve had little exposure to the outside world beyond the seven fuzzy channels beamed into the TV via the antenna on top of his family's house. Steve is a self-taught filmmaker who has worked on all positions in front and behind the camera. He spends hours trying to figure out what motivates people and why they do what they do, then figuring out the essence of a person's story and how that translates visually. Documentaries excite him and keep him up at night, which is terrible because he loves sleeping.